Disability Community

About Hand in Hand’s work with disability communities

Since we were founded in 2010, people with disabilities, many of whom employ home attendants, have been in leadership in Hand in Hand. People with disabilities have been in leadership in overall organizational development as well as our involvement in campaigns. We bring together people with disabilities in community to support each other in building mutually-positive relationships with the attendants we employ, to come together with workers to learn about each others communities (including how they overlap!) and take action together for change.


Jessica Lehman

Lezlie Frye

Nikki Brown-Booker

Rahnee Patrick

Robin Shaffert


Hand in Hand’s work-in-progress article about our organizing in disability communities

Hand in Hand’s guide to planning accessible event and meetings

Please contact us at info@domesticemployers.org for accessible versions of these documents if these versions do not meet your needs.

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