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Take the Fair Care Pledge

Is your home someone’s workplace? Take the pledge and let you and your community know you’re going to be making your home a workplace you can be proud of.

Take the Pledge here.

Featured Campaign

Pass the 5th Bill of Rights in CT 
With the Massachusetts Bill of Rights going into effect April 2015, the domestic worker movement has turned its attention to to the south, where the fight to pass a Bill of Rights in Connecticut is well under way.

Help us keep up the momentum; sign the petition in support of the bill here.

Be part of the biggest research project on employers to date

Hand in Hand is partnering with UCLA Labor Center and Cornell University ILR to put together the largest bicoastal research project to date on the challenges and barriers faced by employers of childcare providers, senior care providers, home attendants, and housecleaners.

This level of research will help us identify policy and community solutions to make it easier for employers and workers to find sustainable care and quality jobs.

Want to be a part of this vital new project? Email and let us know you’re interested.

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