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People who count on the support of domestic workers live everywhere, so Hand in Hand does too. Online workshops draw a national audience, and community events bring neighbors together. Chapters lead by members and staff together support our advocacy work, and digital organizing lets allies everywhere bring their friends and family together in the fight for affordability, dignity, and a better future in their towns and states.

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Lead Organizer: Lindsay Imai Hong
Sanctuary Homes Organizer: Suzanne Schmidt

About: Member leaders in California have done pioneering work in bringing people with disabilities together with the home attendant workforce to advocate for their shared interests. After passing the California Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, we’ve been working to protect Medicaid, expand access to in-home supportive services, organize parents to make their homes Sanctuary Homes and in support of #FamiliesBelongTogether&Free and more. Whether you’re in San Francisco, the East Bay, L.A., or anywhere in California, we hope you’ll join us!  

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About the California domestic work industry:

Health insurance resources: California health insurance, San Francisco health insurance

Organizer: Tara

About: Illinois recently passed a statewide Bill of Rights for Domestic Workers! 

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Organizer: Tatiana

About:  Our very first chapter! After supporting the passage of the New York Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights in 2010, we’ve focused on bringing “high road” employer practices into every home. We’ve fought alongside seniors and immigrants and have created “sanctuary neighborhoods” based in relationships of mutual support around the five boroughs. In the NY Caring Majority campaign, we’re laying out a vision for a future we can all look forward to. Email us to participate at our next meeting!

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New York Domestic Workers Bill of Rights:

In December 2010, New York State made history by passing the very first Domestic Worker Bill of Rights in the United States. Read about the Bill of Rights here –

New York Earned Sick Time Act

Resources & Research:

NY State 2017 Report

About the New York domestic work industry: Home Is Where the Work Is: Inside New York’s Domestic Work Industry, by Domestic Workers United & Data Center, Download Executive Summary, Download Full Report

Health insurance resources: Healthy NY is subsidized by the state of New York.  An individual must have an annual income under $27,074 and a family must have an income under $55,000 to be eligible. There are many coverage options that range in cost from approximately $250/month for an individual without prescription benefits to $1,600/month for a family with prescription benefits. You should discuss with your employee what percentage of the premium cost you are covering and how much you will share with her.

Organizer: Tara

Organizer: Amy Cohen

About:  In Pennsylvania domestic employers and allies are organizing to support the rights of domestic workers and engaging in campaigns to improve the lives of immigrant and other frontline communities.  Pennsylvania members do this by hosting workshops on best employment practices, spreading the word about resources for employers to support workers such as Alia for for those who employ house cleaners and engaging directly in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania campaigns for worker rights and dignity.  Hand in Hand Pennsylvania works in partnership with the Pennsylvania Domestic Workers Alliance (PDWA).

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Organizer: Andrea Lee

About: HIH participated in the Seattle Domestic Worker Coalition alongside Casa Latina, Working Washington, SEIU Local 775, and National Domestic Workers Alliance. In July 2018, the Coalition won the Seattle Domestic Worker Ordinance, one of the first municipal domestic worker protection laws passed in the country.

(There is not currently an active chapter in Seattle, but if you have questions please contact us)

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