The Checklist

Welcome to the Checklist!

When we seek the support of a nanny/childcare provider, housecleaner, or home attendant, most of us aren’t prepared to suddenly become someone’s “boss.”

Unlike many of our own professional workplaces, there’s no HR department for us to turn to in these moments. Many of us muddle through the experience in the isolation of our homes, figuring it out for ourselves the best we can.

Use this tool to make sense of it all:  

  • Answer the items that apply to you, whether you already employ someone or are planning to soon.
  • You might not be able to do everything listed here right away—that’s okay!
  • Print your answers and use them to shape a work agreement that you can discuss with family members and your employee.
  • If you’ve been an employer for some time, use your answers to help you make positive changes to your practice.
  • All of us can take steps towards creating mutually respectful domestic employment relationships.


Simply looking for an easy template work agreement you can share with your employee? Check out these sample agreements here. You can always come back to The Checklist if you have more questions.

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