A critical element of the legislation is the creation of a Domestic Workers Standards Board which was created to “provide a forum for hiring entities, domestic workers, worker organizations, and the public to consider, analyze, and make recommendations to the City on the legal protections, benefits, and working conditions for domestic worker industry standards.”

In 2019, the Board consisted of 9 members, appointed by the Mayor, Council and one member appointed by the Board itself. In January 1, 2020, the Board increased to a total of 13 members, appointed by the Mayor and Council.

Members of the board are domestic workers, representatives from domestic worker organizations, agencies, and private employers who contract or hire one or more domestic workers, and community representatives.

Since its formation the board has been providing a forum for affected parties to share information, insights and experiences and recommendations on how working conditions can be changed to meet the needs of domestic workers and employers. Recommendations shall include possible legislation or policy changes, changes to outreach and education efforts, and/or changes to the City’s enforcement strategies.

In October of 2020 the board, and members of Casa Latina, The Nanny Collective and Hand in Hand successfully lobbied city council for an increase in funding to support the board’s upcoming recommendations. The board was granted $50,000 in new funding to support outreach and education to domestic workers and employers.