Passed in July 2021, Int. 339-2018 amends the NYC  human rights law to include individuals who employ domestic workers, providing workers protections against discrimination in the workplace, and coverage under the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. The passing of this bill came after 3 years of organizing with partner organizations. During that time Hand in Hand members showed up in solidarity with domestic workers time and time again— made calls to council members, wrote letters with their children in support of the bill, participated in videos and social media actions, and testified  to the Committee on Civil and Human Right.

In 2021, Hand in Hand along with partner organizations launched the NYC Care Campaign, the passage of Intro 339 was one of the central demands. The campaign held 12 forums and interviews with over 60 local city council candidates during the 2021 primary elections, raising awareness of the bill along with other care issues. The passage of Intro 339 on July 29, 2021 showcases the strength of our movement in NYC.

Int 339 legislation description from NYC Council