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Tips for managing attendants/caregivers during the coronavirus crisis

Tips for Managing Attendants/Caregivers During the Coronavirus Crisis Developed by Senior & Disability Action and Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employers Network Downloadable Document The coronavirus crisis has changed what it means to hire and manage attendants or caregivers. The new guidelines for social distancing and sheltering in place challenge us to think about how

Decolonizing Thanksgiving Dinner

I don’t know about you, but for about the first two decades of my life, Thanksgiving was taught to me as a holiday that celebrated food and family, a day bestowed upon us by the benevolent Native Americans. It wasn’t until I got to college that I learned more than a snippet about genocide or

It’s “Back to School” for Nannies & Cleaners Too

Who’s packing up their beach umbrella and starting to think about soup recipes? What about signing kids up for fall sports teams and after-school activities? Anyone scrambling for last-minute ways to squeeze the most out of Labor Day weekend? We hear you! Just don’t forget that if you’ve got a house cleaner, nanny, or homecare

15 websites every parent should bookmark

The Zero to Three 2016 national parent survey found that over 80% of parents used internet search engines to look for parenting advice but less than 50% of them found the results to be trustworthy. Many existing online resources are either biased, offer conflicting information or have advertising-driven business models. Not everything on the web

Ask an expert: Non-toxic, green cleaning at home

Do you have a favorite cleaning product? Maybe something whose smell just tells you everything is going to be sparkly and disinfected? A bleach or a spray, a powder or mopping liquid or a wipe? Now: Do you know what they use to make that product? Just like OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

Have you had “the talk?”

young girl outside blowing bubbles

Summer is coming! There’s still snow on the ground in many parts of New York, but families here are already getting a head start on one very important part of their summer plans: childcare. When I ask Lee, a mother of two school-age kids who works full time and employs a nanny for ten hours

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