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Tips for a Putting Together a Successful Nanny Share in California

Thinking of putting together a nanny share in California? We’ve put together some tips and best practices in this downloadable document. You’re a good fit for a nanny share if: You have a limited budget for childcare but want to pay a fair wage. You want your child to benefit from socializing daily with another

Providing Benefits through Alia

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What is Alia? Alia is an online platform created by National Domestic Workers Alliance Labs that allows you to easily provide benefits to the domestic worker in your home. All client contributions are voluntary, and cleaners choose their own benefits including accident insurance, disability insurance, paid time off, critical illness insurance, and life insurance. How

Communication Best Practices

Open and respectful communication is at the heart of any good relationship. Use this guide to create a positive employment relationship with the nanny, house cleaner, and home attendant that supports you in your home.


 What should I ask in an interview? Prepare Before the Interview Before you schedule an interview with a candidate, make sure you’ve shared any details about the job that are very important to you, or are potential deal breakers for the person you may hire. You may also want to ask some pre-interview questions to

Nanny Employer Checklist During COVID

As stay at home restrictions are lifting, the major concern for all of us, is to how keep the employees in our home and our entire household safe. This checklist will help you do just that.

Childcare Work Agreement

Are you hiring a childcare provider or looking to improve your current employment arrangements? This guide will help you organize your conversations, create clear communication, and create an agreement that outlines the relevant terms of employment.

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