image of Latina woman softly smiling hair pulled back wearing a t-shirt that reads "vote like a mother"Ximena Frankel is a long-time activist and community organizer and acquired her Masters in Community Organizing, Planning and Development from Hunter College of CUNY in 2021. Originally from Lima, Perú, Ximena got involved in domestic worker rights organizing in 2019, connecting the work with her mother’s experience working as a house cleaner, after they arrived in the United States as undocumented immigrants. She has been active in other movements including the Movement for Black Lives, education equity, immigrant rights, climate justice, and animal rights. As a former yoga teacher, Ximena grounds her work in 20-plus years of yoga and meditation practice. Since becoming a parent Ximena has been working even harder to help envision and create a more just world. She currently lives in Forest Hills, Queens with her spouse and son.