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Everything you need to know about hiring a house cleaner

Have you ever hired someone to clean your home? Are you considering it for the first time? Maybe you tried a service like Handy and now are ready to make a commitment to hiring a cleaner long-term. Considering hiring a house cleaner?  House cleaning is serious work Cleaning is hard work that takes time– and

National Nanny Share Tips

An asian woman is holding a blue book outside, while a black baby is sitting on her lap and another white baby is sitting close, looking at the book.

Tips for a Putting Together a Successful Nanny Share You’re a good fit for a nanny share if: You have a limited budget for childcare but want to pay a fair wage. You want your child to benefit from socializing daily with another child. You’re willing to be flexible and compromise on some of the

Massachusetts Coalition of Domestic Workers

The Massachusetts Coalition of Domestic Workers (MCDW) works to bring racial and social justice and dignity to all domestic workers in our state.    http://www.massdomesticworkers.org

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