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Everything you need to know about hiring a house cleaner

Have you ever hired someone to clean your home? Are you considering it for the first time? Maybe you tried a service like Handy and now are ready to make a commitment to hiring a cleaner long-term. Considering hiring a house cleaner?  House cleaning is serious work Cleaning is hard work that takes time– and

National Nanny Share Tips

An asian woman is holding a blue book outside, while a black baby is sitting on her lap and another white baby is sitting close, looking at the book.

Tips for a Putting Together a Successful Nanny Share You’re a good fit for a nanny share if: You have a limited budget for childcare but want to pay a fair wage. You want your child to benefit from socializing daily with another child. You’re willing to be flexible and compromise on some of the

New York Nanny Work Agreement

A GUIDE TO DEVELOPING A WORK AGREEMENT WITH A CHILDCARE PROVIDER IN NEW YORK  Are you planning to hire someone to provide childcare services in your home? Do you already employ someone to provide childcare services and want to improve your employment arrangements? If so, this guide will help you: focus your initial discussions with the

Overview of laws applying to domestic workers and employers in New York

This guide provides general information about state and city laws that protect domestic workers in New York hired directly by private households.  It is not intended to provide legal advice. The document links directly to government websites that provide comprehensive information about these laws.  Please note: domestic employers are strongly encouraged to provide additional benefits

Center for Family Life

Center for Family Life, a program of SCO Family of Services, is a neighborhood-based family and social services organization with deep roots in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.   https://sco.org/featured-programs/center-for-family-life/

Damayan Migrant Workers Association

Damayan empowers low-wage workers to fight for their labor, health, gender, and immigrant rights. Established in 2002, our purpose is to build leadership at the grassroots level to eliminate labor trafficking, fight labor fraud and wage theft, and to demand fair labor standards to achieve economic and social justice.   http://www.damayanmigrants.org

Make the Road New York

Make the Road by Walking New York provides survival services, transformative education, and engages in community organizing and policy innovation.

Maple Street School

The Maple Street School is a preschool that inspires children through play and discovery, values a diverse community, and relies on the active participation of cooperative-member families and teachers to thrive.   http://www.maplestreetschool.org

Carroll Gardens Association

Our mission is to foster a community where residents and families of all income levels in Southwest Brooklyn’s neighborhoods can live, work, and thrive. Carroll Gardens Association, Inc. fulfills this mission by preserving and developing affordable housing, enforcing quality housing management practices, promoting small business economic development, and providing and linking residents to social services

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