How do I find a childcare provider, nanny share, house cleaner, or home attendant?

(do we want to put anything in here to start about making sure to get some training in how to negotiate with their workers before they hire? Something like: “You’re about to have a baby. Or another major change in your life and want to hire for childcare, house cleaning or home attendant services!  Before you start looking, we recommend you review XXX resources to understand what is needed as you become a domestic employer!” And then, direct folks to another Resource page.)

One way to support workers’ rights is to hire through worker-run or ledrun organizations!

Check out the list of National Domestic Workers Alliance-affiliated worker-run hiring halls and co-operatives, which can be found in a growing number of cities. See if your home city has a hiring hall or co-op in the list below.

Many employers in our community say they turn to friends, family, or others within their networks who have the same care and employment needs. Online groups and listserves for parents or neighborhoods are especially popular with parent employers, who will help spread the word when they no longer need to employ the fantastic nanny who has been working with them, or if they are looking to set up a “nanny share.”

If you’re hiring through a large worker—employer platform like, take the Fair Care Pledge and show future employees your commitment to making your home a great workplace.

Here’s the list of NDWA-affiliated worker hiring halls and co-ops:

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