On Tuesday June 9th, the New York Caring Majority, a campaign co-led by Hand in Hand and Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ), held a virtual Town Hall about Care Work, Economic Recovery & the Green New Deal with Naomi Klein and Ai-Jen Poo. In case you missed the conversation, you can watch the livestream here.

During this visionary and moving discussion we talked about the importance of strengthening and investing in the care sector as part of the Green New Deal. We reminded people who joined us that when domestic and agricultural workers were excluded from key parts of the original New Deal, it was a strategy to exclude Black people — in particular, the Black women who did and still do so much crucial care work. And we made clear that this time, we must do the opposite, and put care work, racial justice, and feminism at the center of the new economy we want to build.

We also watched the premiere of this video by The Leap,  “Care Work is Essential Work” which beautifully illustrates how care work is essential work, and also climate work.

In this time of acute, overlapping crises, more and more people are waking up to the need for transformative solutions. Let’s seize the moment together. We know that the care sector and care work can be the answers to re-starting our economy in a way that protects and supports ALL of US. On the other side of COVID-19, we will create a world in which all of us have the care and support we need to live full, healthy lives in our communities. In our vision, the work of providing care will be a respected and recognized contribution to our communities and our society.- a society that prioritizes people over profits, and uplifts justice for ALL.