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Be an ethical employer at home.

Whether it’s a nanny share with your neighbors, a weekly house cleaning, or the support of a home attendant, workers in our homes help make our lives possible. Domestic work has been invisible and undervalued for generations—but no longer.

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Community in action

Community in action

In local chapters, we come together in ways that improve our own lives and make our communities better places for domestic workers and the people who hire them. We build community, provide workshops, and take “mutual support” from our homes to our communities.

Resources & education

Resources & education

Most of us want to do the right thing when we hire a childcare provider, housecleaner, or home attendant. We just don’t know how. Together with workers, we learn to create mutually supportive relationships.



The issues affecting homes, families, and workers locally are usually tied to what’s happening nationwide. As a national network, we support worker organizing and labor rights campaigns run by nannies, attendants, and cleaners. We work for policies that make support more affordable in our cities, states and nationally. We believe that immigrant domestic workers and their families deserve to live and work without fear of violence and discrimination.

1 in 5

households likely employs a nanny, attendant, or housecleaner


of people who hire domestic workers would pay higher wages


of people who hire domestic workers need more support

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