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Everyone Needs Support.

Whether it’s a daily visit from a home attendant, a nanny share with your neighbors, or weekly house cleaning, workers in our homes help make our lives possible. We can be there for them just like they’re there for us.

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We believe that all our challenges are connected and that more humane, caring policies help us all. We support worker organizing and Domestic Work Bill of Rights campaigns to create protections for the workers in our homes. We work to make support more affordable for all who need it. We fight for fairer immigration policies.



We believe most employers want to do the right thing when they hire a childcare provider, housecleaner, or home attendant. We bring workers and employers together to figure out how create fair and mutually supportive relationships.



Homecare workers and people with disabilities face similar obstacles in a society that doesn’t value all people equally. Together, we have the power to change. Both homecare attendants and those of us who rely on them to help us live independently can live with dignity.

1 in 5

households in NY employs a domestic worker


of employers would pay higher wages


of employers need more support

2 Million

households in CA hire domestic workers


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