With distance learning, families are figuring out new ways to support their children’s education. The following guides outline ways to practice our values of community, equity and fairness— as well as create clear agreements with other families and people who are hired to supervise online distance learning. Click here to join our email list and receive more resources like these!

Guidelines for Hiring a Nanny to Supervise Online Distance Learning 

Graphic illustration of Black child with pigtails holding beakers Text Reads: Is a nanny supervising your Childs online distance learning? Pro Tip: Clarify Roles & ExpectationsAsking the nanny you employ or hiring a nanny to take on supervising home instruction makes a lot of sense since nannies bring excellent skills in ensuring that our children focus and thrive.

Use the Employer Guide for Nannies Supervising Online Distance Learning as guidance to define and differentiate the roles and responsibilities of your child’s instructor compared to those of your nanny.

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Guidelines for Hiring an Online Learning Pod Supervisor 

The Guidelines for Hiring Online Learning Pod Supervisors outlines how to practice values of community, equality, and fairness with clear agreement between multiple families and individuals who are hired to supervise online distance learning “pods.”

For parents, “learning pods” offer convenience in that they involve more adults to share in responsibility, valuable opportunities for children to socialize, and a reduction in childcare costs. For the Online Learning Supervisor, the benefits potentially include the advantage of caring for a group of children who become playmates and support each other’s educational and learning goals.

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