Woman and child hold hands in an airport staring out a large window looking at planes

As you’re planning your travel and vacation plans, here are 4 tips to consider when traveling with (or without) the nanny you employ!


✈ 1: Make sure all travel in which the nanny is asked to accompany your family is mutually agreed upon. 
When planning a vacation be sure to notify the nanny you employ as soon as possible. Once they agree to provide childcare during your vacation, be sure to inform and consult them of schedules, and activities. This will allow them to plan accordingly, and establish clear communication and expectations for the trip.

✈ 2: When traveling, compensate the nanny at an additional rate.
Remember that this is your vacation, not the nanny’s and anytime they are providing childcare, it should be paid. Additionally, if they take on duties beyond their regular work, be sure to provide additional compensation. Make sure to compensate for overtime as well (after 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week).

✈ 3: Provide the nanny with her own accommodations for the trip.
The nanny should have their own room when on a trip with you. Remember that they are entitled to breaks, and their own space.

✈ 4: If the nanny doesn’t accompany you on your trip, pay her for the time.
If the nanny does not accompany you on your vacation, it is okay to ask them if they will be willing to take their paid vacation at the same time. If however, you are planning a trip on short notice, or the nanny needs to take a vacation at a different time, they should be paid regardless.