Our country is killing Black people. George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Tony McDade. Breonna Taylor. Atatiana Jefferson. Nina Pop. Just a few names of the sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends, and neighbors that have been brutally stolen from us in the last couple of months. And then there are the thousands of Black lives taken – many of them essential workers – who were denied care and exposed to COVID-19 because our elected leaders are prioritizing the needs of corporate backers over working peoples’ lives.

Our hearts go out to all the people who have lost loved ones and all those who live with the constant fear of racist violence. We are outraged that we are killing Black people.

Hand in Hand was founded to fight against structural racism that has historically devalued Black lives. We, as domestic employers, know that domestic workers were excluded from labor protections because white politicians, holding on to slavery-era white supremacy, did not value Black lives enough to extend them basic rights and dignity in the 1930s, when our labor laws were formed. We are fighting to right this historic wrong in partnership with our allies to win policies that protect domestic workers.

We know that our struggles are connected. These same racist systems that are murdering Black people also cause: the abuses and violations that immigrant women and women of color experience as domestic workers, the wages they regularly have stolen, and the outrageous accusations they are forced to endure blaming them for the spread of the coronavirus.

Hand in Hand members have shown up for immigrant communities to call for an end to racist policies and rhetoric in these last four years. Now we urge our community, especially those of us who are not Black, to speak out. Let’s challenge government leaders, law enforcement, family and neighbors and call for an end to racist terrorization of Black communities. Let us all, do the hard work of interrupting racism in ourselves and our families and communities.

Let’s donate to organizations that are centering Black leadership and voices. Here are a few:

Let’s learn about and talk with our families and friends about racism:

Let us all commit to be anti-racist in every aspect of our lives from treating workers in our homes with dignity and fairness to taking courageous public action to defend Black lives.

Together, we will win justice and safety for Black people and that will bring justice and safety to all of us.