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Launched in 2010, our California Chapter is led by people with disabilities who employ for homecare, parents who employ (or employed) nannies, and a growing number of housecleaner employers and family caregivers. Member leaders have worked to unite people with disabilities with the home attendant workforce to advocate for their shared interests for dignified working conditions and affordable long-term services and supports. After passing the California Domestic Worker Bill of Rights in 2013, Hand in Hand has worked alongside the CA Domestic Worker Coalition to establish the first statewide enforcement program. The program funds community-based organizations to reach and educate domestic workers and employers on their rights and responsibilities.   

We’ve also been working to protect Medicaid-funded homecare for low income people with disabilities and seniors (IHSS), expand access to in-home supportive services, organize parents to fight racist immigration policies and make their homes Sanctuary Homes and end family separation. Whether you’re in San Francisco, the East Bay, L.A., or anywhere in California, we hope you’ll join us!  


California Director: Lindsay Imai-Hong
Education Organizer: Vanessa Cuellar
Southern California Research Manager and Organizer: Kayla Shore
San Francisco Organizer: Molly Seligman

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