Open and Respectful Communication

What are some general tips to create a positive employment relationship?

Prevention is the best medicine

Help avoid issues down the road by setting up clear, mutually-agreed upon expectations in the form of a work agreement at the beginning of the job.

Include a clear plan for regular check-in’s and formal, mutual evaluations. Check out our guide to having productive check-ins and evaluations.

It’s all in the details.

Say Good morning! Great ways to show respect and consideration include greeting your employee in the morning; returning home on time; asking about her family; paying on schedule.

Always say thank you

We often fail to recognize the value of expressing our gratitude. Make the effort to show your thanks on a daily basis.

Workers often cite issues like these as among the most important.

Welcome all questions

Your employee needs to feel comfortable asking questions to get to know you and your priorities. Our homes are very specific to each of our personalities and life circumstances.

What one person considers an average amount of cleanliness, noisiness, discipline, and diet may be new to the worker you employ. Let your employee know that you are available for answers.

How Can We Communicate When We Don't Speak The Same Language?

If the worker you want to employ doesn’t speak sufficient English or the language you speak to allow you to communicate, you could consider asking someone you know (or asking if she knows someone) who can come over and interpret for you. You can also look for a local community organization that might be willing to help, and plan to visit it together. Both domestic worker organizations or day laborer organizations might be able to help.

If you do this, remember to look directly at the worker you employ during the conversation when either of you is speaking, not at your interpreter. This shows respect and helps build the relationship between you.