In less than 24 hours, thirty-nine of you joined us in fasting last week. And many more took their first steps in the Sanctuary Homes campaign.

We skipped lunch and hopped on a community phone call, where we had the privilege of being joined by Jeanette Vizguerra, an NDWA member leader who took sanctuary for three months in a church in Denver earlier this year.

By fasting, we broke our daily routines for a period of reflection and chose to sacrifice some of our own comfort to experience, in a symbolic way, the pain that hundreds of thousands of young adults and their families felt last week when the White House announced its decision to end the DACA program.

We sent a powerful message that we depend on each other and are willing to do our part to #DefendDACA. We showed members of our communities, including domestic workers, neighbors, friends, and family, that we have their backs.

As she told us, “This isn’t much of a sacrifice when you think about what’s at stake: the lives of 11 million people.”

What’s next? Invite some new friends to your #Sanctuary Homes table. Download our guide to hosting a Kitchen Table Conversation at your home.