To you, it might seem painfully obvious that you oppose the administration’s hateful attacks on immigrants and so many other groups … but if a nanny, house cleaner, or home attendant works in your home, are you sure that they know?

A nanny told us this week, “Most of us will never bring up politics—we don’t know what side our boss is on, which is scary. We don’t want to risk creating any tension.”

What does the person you employ not know about you?

Just as you may not know who around you is feeling fear and pain as the legal status of 800,000 young Americans is up in the air—millions of domestic workers may be wondering which side their boss is on.

Is the person who works in your home one of them? The smallest statements can let them know:

“I hate what this administration is doing right now.” “I’m so sad for all the Dreamers. I’ve been calling Congress to protest this all week.” “I can’t believe our leaders don’t understand how valuable immigrants are.”

You can print out one of our window signs and use it as a conversation piece, an excuse to bring it up.

You can educate yourself with our resources—we’ll be adding more DACA-specific ones soon.

And if you’re as angry and sad as we are, as we worry about all those we know and love, and those we surely know but haven’t even told us they’re undocumented, make sure you’ve signed our Sanctuary Homes statement of support.  

Once you’ve taken that most important step—making sure the person who works in your home knows which side you’re on:

Join us for a Friday Fast Call at 12:30 p.m. EST (9:30 a.m. PST) where employers who are fasting in solidarity with DACA Moms will be reflecting, talking with NDWA leaders and Dreamers, and discussing next steps in our fight for and with one another.

Here’s more information about fasting in solidarity with immigrants on Friday.