When you’re walking through the grocery store, you’ve probably seen there are more “natural” or “green” cleaning and personal care products than ever before.

In the news we’re seeing big brands (like Target and Tide) are trying to get in on the shift that others (like Seventh Generation and Method) have been pushing for years.

But how do you know who can you trust? What do all those different labels, like “green” or “natural,” really mean?

Our non-toxic cleaning workshop will help you figure it all out.

And what if you hire a house cleaner to come to your home, and she has an arsenal of her favorite products?

How do you tell her you’d rather not have some of those mystery chemicals lingering on all the surfaces that you (and your cat, or your kids…) touch?

We’ll actually role-play that conversation for you in the non-toxic workshop.

We’ll explore:

  • the health and environmental risks of toxic cleaning products
  • safer cleaning alternatives
  • business and political trends that might change things on a big scale
  • How to talk about non-toxic products if you hire a house cleaner  

Save your spot now for May 15th’s workshop. 

And check out all our resources related to employing a house cleaner—to paraphrase one of our own member leaders, Maria Guillen, what good is a clean home if it’s totally awful for the person cleaning it?


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