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It’s Time to Invest in Care & Support!

Care and support is part of all of our lives. But so many of us are squeezed by the need for care and the lack of support and investment around care jobs. 

We have finally found ourselves in a transformational moment for our care system: we are on the verge of winning a federal $150 Billion investment in homecare jobs. 

This window of opportunity has opened, and stayed open, because of relentless organizing and powerful storytelling by people with disabilities, older adults, family caregivers, and workers. We can’t stop now!

Sign up here to join the movement for a better long-term care system.

We need you, the family caregivers who spend 24/7 with an aging parent at home; the person who starts work at 9am, uses a wheelchair, and needs a homecare attendant to help you get your day started; the parent who works 100 hours a week across several homecare jobs, yet barely make enough money to cover rent, let alone save for your own support needs in the future.

If you are looking for more details about the Home and Community-Based Stories Fellowship, please contact Kayla Shore at [email protected] for more information. Fellowship applications are currently closed.

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