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Honoring a Caregiver or Domestic Worker

We have all received care and support at some point in our lives. Some of us need ongoing support as part of our daily life, others of us have memories of the support we have received at critical moments of our lives— such as after the birth of a child, or support with an aging family member or even for ourselves.

As part of our 10th anniversary celebration, Hand in Hand invites you to honor someone in your life who has impacted you with their care and support. That person may be a house cleaner, nanny, or home attendant, they may be a family member who has cared for an older parent, they may be a neighbor that supported you during a difficult time. They may be a domestic worker who is a friend or family member.

In honor of the domestic worker in your life, we invite you to make a meaningful contribution to Hand in Hand, and we’ll send you a beautiful 8″x10″ poster designed by Micah Bazant, for you to give to the person you wish to honor.

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