This week, our senators and representatives have returned from Washington D.C. to their local offices. I bet that they would agree that there’s no place like home.

Immigrants move here for freedom and opportunity and make America their home. We oppose any legislation that could tear homes and families apart. We all belong together—families and communities alike. That’s why we support immigrant communities’ call for a “clean” DREAM Act.

A majority of voters support a permanent solution for immigrant youth. According to recent polls, 83% of voters nationwide support creating a path to citizenship for immigrant youth.

Leaders on the ground have told us that it’s crucial for Congress to act by December—just a couple months from now.

Join us and the leaders of immigrant communities in calling for a Clean DREAM Act now.

Home is more than a mailing address. It’s where most of the important things in life happen. 

Thank you for making our homes safe for everyone.  Send a letter to your representatives today