Are you planning to hire a home attendant in your home? Do you already employ a home attendant and want to improve your employment arrangements?

If so, this guide will help you:  

  • focus your initial discussions with the person you’re hiring or organize conversations with the attendant(s) working for you now;
  • strengthen clear and respectful communication between you and your employee(s); and
  • develop a work agreement that specifies the relevant terms of employment as well as records other important information. 

For the purposes of this guide, the term “Employer” refers to the person that is employing the home attendant for themselves and the term “Employee” refers to the home attendant being hired. Other terms for home attendant that are used include personal care assistant, home attendant, home health aide and caregiver.  (In the case of a person who is hiring an attendant for a member of their family, we recommend you involve the person receiving the attendant support as much as possible in this process and the development of the work agreement.)

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