Advice for employers of house cleaners

House cleaners do the work that makes other work possible by helping us keep our homes clean and comfortable.  For some, housecleaning a luxury that frees us to do other things. And for others who may not have the ability to clean our own homes, housecleaners provide a critical life-supporting service.

House cleaning is not “low skill” work.   If you’ve ever had your house cleaned by a housecleaner, you’ll realize why this is a profession that takes skill, attention to detail and endurance.  Housecleaners work long hours, do difficult and sometimes dangerous work – such as using toxic cleaners or cleaning in high places such as outside windows.  

Housecleaners deserve recognition and fair compensation.  We must also change public policy to support the rights of house cleaners to workplaces that are healthy and safe and that are free of harassment, wage theft, and other rights violations.

Many ways to do right

In addition to the basics of fair pay and clear expectations, we recommend the following best practices for housecleaner employers:


Because house cleaners often work for many employers, they don’t usually receive the benefits such as paid sick days or holidays that other domestic workers who have just one employer might.  

There are many ways to improve your employment practices that don’t cost money but are also important, like creating a clear written work agreement and having annual evaluations.

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