We did it!

During our Spring Membership Drive we hit our goal of 75 new and renewing members, and surpassed our $10,000 fundraising goal!

Welcome to those of you who joined for the first time, and thank you to those of you who are renewing members. Thank you also to those members who helped make calls—we couldn’t have reached our goal without you.

Your membership and support is what fuels our work towards creating a world where everyone has the care, support and dignified work that they deserve. Thank you. (And if you didn’t get to join during the drive, it’s not too late! Become a member of Hand in Hand today!)

Together we are amplifying our voices. We are:

  • Mobilizing alongside domestic workers to transform the history of exclusion, exploitation, and devaluation of immigrant and women of color domestic workers;
  • Speaking out for dignity and respect for seniors, people with disabilities, and families in campaigns for affordable long-term care;
  • Showing up together—in the streets, in the media, in state capitals, and in meetings with our domestic worker partners. Your voice is represented both when you can join us, and when you can’t.

Thank you for becoming a member! We’re so glad to be in this work for dignity and justice with you.

At our staff retreat last week!

Left to right, back row: Tatiana, Suzanne, Carolyn, Tara, Ilana. Middle row: Elspeth, Amy. Front row: Stacy, Julia, Lindsay, and Diana.

It’s not too late to join!
If you didn’t get to join Hand in Hand during our Spring Drive
Become a Member of Hand in Hand Today!