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Support During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Learn more about what you can do support the nannies, home attendants, and house cleaners who work for you during the coronavirus crisis:

Fair Practices for Employers

While all of us are experiencing loss as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, we know that some people in our lives will be hurt more than others. The domestic workers in our lives are the most vulnerable during this pandemic. 

Many are no longer able to come to our homes to support us and our families. These are the workers who, day in and day out, care for our children and assist seniors and people with disabilities. They clean our homes. These workers are predominantly women of color and immigrants. Not only are they excluded from federal labor protections, they are being left out of pandemic relief aid available to other workers. 

We are asking you to continue to pay workers who are no longer coming to your home. We know this is not a small thing to ask. Most of us feel economic anxiety at this time. But if you’ve counted on workers in your home, this is the moment to show them they can count on you. Even if you can provide financial support for only a finite period of time, there are other ways to help. All of us must step up and show this country’s domestic workers that they are valued and deserving of care.

For resources on how to be a fair employer during the coronavirus crisis, check out the toolkits and blog posts below. If you have a question, contact us at info@domesticemployers.org

Agreement for Nanny work during COVID

We all want to stay safe, and to do that we need to work together. This template can help nannies and employers talk honestly about how you will commit to

Nanny Employer FAQ’s During COVID

Hiring or rehiring a nanny during COVID? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. See Also: Nanny Employer Checklist During COVID-19. 1. When should the nanny we employ come

House Cleaner Employer Checklist During COVID-19

As stay at home restrictions are lifting, many of us are considering either hiring or rehiring a housecleaner to offer some much needed help in our homes. At the same

Nanny Employer Checklist During COVID-19

We know how much you’ve been juggling these last few months. It never ends, caring for children, cleaning up after them, preparing meals and snacks, coming up with activities, helping

Tips for managing attendants/caregivers during the coronavirus crisis

Tips for Managing Attendants/Caregivers During the Coronavirus Crisis Developed by Senior & Disability Action and Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employers Network COVID-19 has changed what it means to hire

How to be a fair employer during the coronavirus crisis – MASSACHUSETTS TOOLKIT

On March 10, Governor Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency in Massachusetts. Many of us are anxious and scared about how the virus will impact us and our communities.

COVID-19 Benefits Eligibility & FAQs – New York

Domestic workers are a vulnerable population who have minimum protections under the law. Though protections have been extended to many workers during the COVID-19 crisis, protections are not permanent and

Dear Neighbor, Employer to Employer

Nannies, house cleaners and home attendants support our communities in profound ways. They are on the frontlines of caring for some of our most vulnerable. Many of our members who

Difficult Conversations in the Age of Coronavirus

How to Approach Tough Conversations during COVID-19 In this moment of global anxiety and fear, as we brace ourselves to read headlines or avoid them altogether, it’s important that we

Shelter in Place? Stay-At-Home? What it Means for Domestic Workers & Employers

As we navigate a scary time in the United States at the height of the coronavirus crisis, many cities and states are being issued “Shelter in Place” or “Stay at

Take Action

The best way to slow the spread of the virus is to ensure everyone has the ability to stay home. The Coronavirus Care Fund will provide emergency assistance for nannies, house cleaners, and home care workers, and enable them to stay home and healthy.

Join Hand in Hand

While we may be isolating ourselves to help flatten the infection rate, we can each take action, collectively, to mitigate the economic impact of the virus on our community and those most vulnerable. Hand in Hand is providing resources and tools to support domestic employers who recognize their home is somebody’s workplace and are committed to fair employment practices. We are also informing employers of domestic workers about the government policies we’re fighting for that will build a care infrastructure that works for all of us – domestic workers and the broader community.

Join Hand in Hand as a monthly dues paying member to be a part of our work to create care communities that recognize our interdependence.

Resources for Workers

National Domestic Workers Alliance created this webpage of resources to support domestic workers with trusted information. 

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