Thousands of you brought the DREAM to your Thanksgiving tables last week, inspired by the #SanctuaryHomes toolkit. Thank you so much for spreading the word and for making hundreds of critical phone calls demanding Congress pass a clean DREAM Act by the end of the the year.

Congress must be feeling the heat, and our partners in the immigrants rights movement are urging all of us to keep up the pressure.  For the next month, we’re helping We Belong Together collect thousands of letters from kids all over the country, kids like Jasmine who want to help.  

Will you join us in getting the whole family involved?

Jasmine (left) is a child of parents who are DACA recipients.  She is living in fear that her parents will be deported. While some kids are wondering what presents they’ll get, Jasmine is scared that she “won’t have my mommy for Christmas.”

Instead of asking Santa to keep her mom home for Christmas, Jasmine sent a letter to Congress.

Keeping all members of our communities safe this holiday season should not be left only to communities under attack.  It is up to all of us to keep everyone safe. 

Will your family join ours in this fight? Write a letter along with a kid you love, asking Congress to pass the DREAM Act, protect families with TPS, and stop tearing our families apart.You can deliver your letter in person, locally, or send it to us. In December, we’ll be delivering all the letters to Congress in person. 

If we don’t succeed, how many children might spend the holidays without a parent this year because of Trump’s decision to end DACA? As many of us at Hand in Hand are parents, it hurts to imagine.

Click here to find a guide with ideas to get kids inspired to write their own letters.