I’m having trouble sleeping at night. How can I sleep when children are being traumatized, waiting for parents who may never come?

Join me by writing a letter to detained children, letting them know that millions of us are thinking of them and fighting for their freedom and their families.

Send a photo or scan of your handwritten, typed, or decorated letter to [email protected], or take a photo and post it to social media with the hashtag #letterstochildren so we can find it.

Hand in Hand will coordinate delivering these letters to children in detention.

As a social worker I know that a sudden, unexplained separation from a loved one is traumatic to a child. It’s torture. There is no hugging, no playing, no solace, no comfort in many of these detention centers. Now we are learning of forced drugging of children in detention, physical abuse, and neglect.

Let us be at least one more voice saying to these children: I’m with you; I care about you; I am doing what I can to help free you.

I have marched, signed petitions, donated money and gone to sleep and woken up thinking of these children, these parents tortured by our government, on our watch. We need to keep doing all of those things.

Now I’m also writing them letters, as a way to let these children know the bottom of my heart that they will soon be free and with their families again.

And I’m asking you to send one also. (See examples from social media here.) Type it, write it, draw it, or make colorful ones with your kids using these printable coloring pages.


by Samara, a concerned citizen in Boston