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Audience: Domestic workers

California Domestic Worker Overtime Rules

This download outlines overtime rules that apply to domestic workers in California who work in private homes. The overtime a domestic worker is entitled to depends on the type of work they do and how they are hired. To determine which rules apply, first identify what category of domestic worker your employee falls under: Personal Attendant,

California Domestic Worker Employer Legal Responsibilities

Before hiring a domestic worker, you should understand your legal obligations under federal, state and local law. All workers are covered by California’s wage and hour laws, regardless of immigration status. This resource provides general information about wage and hour laws covering domestic workers in California hired directly by private households. It is not intended

Nanny Employer Checklist During COVID-19

Nanny Employer Checklist

We know how much you’ve been juggling these last few months. It never ends, caring for children, cleaning up after them, preparing meals and snacks, coming up with activities, helping them with distance learning, and trying to get a few minutes of work in at the same time. As stay at home restrictions are lifting,

Non-Toxic Cleaning

Protect workers and yourself by ensuring the cleaning products are non-toxic.

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