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Recognizing Family Caregivers

Afro-Latinx Man wearing glasses, a dark blue flat cap hat and a gray hoodie over a light blue dress shirt, left hand in his pant's pocket, his right arm around his Afro-latinx offspring, Veralucia, wearing glasses, a scarf with purple and green designs around their neck, and a gray cardigan, black bag drapped over shoulder. Both smiling widely at the camera. Business fronts in the background.

November is National Family Caregivers Month which recognizes over  65.7 million people who assist a loved one with personal care, skilled nursing tasks, and care management sometimes around the clock.  Family Caregivers are partners, spouses, grandparents, parents, and children of all ages who provide support to a loved one with essential daily tasks. Twenty-four percent

A Year Later: Remembering Engracia

photo of Engracia looking at square sculpture of herself, while sitting in wheelchair, with green hand in hand shirt. While she holds her head in the palm of her hands with a shocked expression.

Answering Engracia’s Call A year ago, our community lost Engracia Figueroa, a member of Hand in Hand’s California chapter, and a fierce and powerful advocate for people with disabilities.  Engracia passed away on October 31st, 2021 due to complications from injuries she sustained when United Airlines destroyed her custom wheelchair on a return flight home

The Fight for Accessibility Continues!

*This post was co-authored by Heather Ansley, Associate Executive Director of Government Relations for Paralyzed Veterans of America and Stacy Kono, Hand in Hand’s Executive Director This month, as we celebrate the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which turns 32 this year, we ask that you take a moment to support our commitment to ensuring

A Simple How-To Guide: Annual Evaluations for Employers of Caregivers/Attendants

two people seated on a sofa. A Black woman in a white blouse with a blue sweater is speaking to an older white woman in a peach top.

Managing caregivers or personal attendants doesn’t have to be difficult! When we intentionally set up systems of communication, we create opportunities for healthy, professional boundaries. For example, there might be a really important change coming up in your life — you might be returning to school, have a new romantic partner in your life, or

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