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Mourning the lives lost in nursing homes due to COVID-19

On Memorial Day weekend, community, faith, labor leaders, medical professionals, and activists gathered across New York State to hold simultaneous socially-distanced vigils at hard-hit nursing facilities where 5,500 residents have died from COVID-19. Organized by Hand in Hand as part of the NY Caring Majority coalition, these actions are part of an ongoing campaign to

Nanny Employer Checklist During COVID-19

Nanny Employer Checklist

We know how much you’ve been juggling these last few months. It never ends, caring for children, cleaning up after them, preparing meals and snacks, coming up with activities, helping them with distance learning, and trying to get a few minutes of work in at the same time. As stay at home restrictions are lifting,

Enlarging our circle of caring: Susan Naimark

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By Susan Naimark, Boston, MA It’s easy to become overwhelmed during this coronavirus pandemic. And fearful about so much uncertainty. For those of us well positioned to have some semblance of stability – a roof over our heads, enough money in the bank to cover basic expenses for an extended period, supportive friends and family

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