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A Simple How-To Guide: Annual Evaluations for Employers of Caregivers/Attendants

two people seated on a sofa. A Black woman in a white blouse with a blue sweater is speaking to an older white woman in a peach top.

Managing caregivers or personal attendants doesn’t have to be difficult! When we intentionally set up systems of communication, we create opportunities for healthy, professional boundaries. For example, there might be a really important change coming up in your life — you might be returning to school, have a new romantic partner in your life, or

Interview with Washington State Organizer Dana Barrett

Headshot of white woman with brown hair wearing glasses and a plaid blue and white shirt, looking directly into the camera.

This article originally appeared in ParentMap.  Tips for Safely and Ethically Hiring In-Home Help Supporting domestic workers’ rights begins at home   We interviewed Dana Barnett, a Seattle parent and the Washington state organizer for Hand in Hand, the Domestic Employers Network, about her experiences employing a nanny and house cleaner, and her work with employers to

Member Spotlight: Sage Jobsis

a white woman sitting in wheel chair outside smiling into camera while wearing glasses and a yellow shirt.

Sage Jobsis, a steering committee member of Hand in Hand, shared her personal experience of becoming involved with Hand in Hand, and what membership means to her.  How did you get involved with Disability Justice?  Prior to being diagnosed with MS I had always been able-bodied, and I had sort of assumed that disability justice

Gretchen and Jim Sandler Match Up to $15,000, in addition to Ongoing Support

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Your donation will be matched by this grant. Donate today!   As longtime supporters of Hand in Hand, Gretchen and Jim Sandler are invested in a just and caring future that includes quality childcare, paid family leave, domestic workers’ rights, and ultimately holding those with power and wealth accountable to our communities. That’s why they’ve invested

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