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Alia is an online platform created by National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) Labs to allow employers to provide certain benefits to the domestic workers in their homes.

As of March 9, 2022, NDWA is discontinuing the Alia program. NDWA is working on new versions of the platform, to specifically address areas of the original platform that were challenging for some house cleaners. Their development team is focusing on these new versions, which unfortunately are not yet available in every area of the country. NDWA remains committed to finding innovative solutions to provide benefits, like paid sick days and time off, for domestic workers.

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If you are contributing benefits to a worker in your home via Alia 

  • If you are currently enrolled in Alia and are contributing to benefits for a worker in your home, you may continue to do so until March 9th. 
  • You also can make a “bonus” Alia credit contribution through March 9, 2022 by emailing
  • After March 9th, you will be able to log in to Alia for an additional 30 days to see your contribution history, however, charges made to your credit card will cease at the end of day on March 9th.  

I still want to support the worker in my home to receive benefits, what should I do?

In lieu of using Alia, we recommend adding an additional monthly contribution to your regular pay to the worker in your home.

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