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Webinar: Make Your Home a Safer Workplace During COVID-19

May 29, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am PDT

Webinar with Erika Sklar at the Riviter

Domestic workers are the engine that keep many of our households running when we’re not in pandemic lockdown. As states begin to re-open and your relationship with someone working in your home resumes or continues, Hand in Hand is here to help with best practices, conversation guides, and user-friendly resources to help keep everyone safe. Join Erica Sklar, National Organizer for Hand in Hand, to discuss dignified and respectful working conditions that benefit the employer and worker alike.


You’ll also learn broadly about what it means when your home is someone’s workplace, and how new laws around the country might impact you and the people who work in your home. Since the 1930s, domestic workers have been intentionally shut out from fair labor standards, and new laws are professionalizing the industry while securing rights for workers who have long been in the shadows. In this presentation, you’ll learn the basic history and context around laws that are now memorialized in 9 states and two cities (Seattle & Philadelphia) and have lots of time to discuss and raise questions about your particular situations.

About Hand in Hand:

Hand in Hand is a national network of employers of nannies, home care attendants, house cleaners working for dignified and respectful working conditions that benefit the employer and worker alike.

They envision a future where people live in caring communities that recognize all of our interdependence.

To get there, Hand in Hand supports employers to improve their employment practices, and to collaborate with workers to change cultural norms and public policies.

About Erica Sklar: 

Erica Sklar is the national organizer at Hand in Hand. She has previously worked at the ACLU of Washington and on Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal’s re-election campaign.




Erica Sklar

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