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California Domestic Worker Overtime Rules

This download outlines overtime rules that apply to domestic workers in California who work in private homes. The overtime a domestic worker is entitled to depends on the type of work they do and how they are hired. To determine which rules apply, first identify what category of domestic worker your employee falls under: Personal Attendant,

Tips for a Putting Together a Successful Nanny Share in California

Thinking of putting together a nanny share in California? We’ve put together some tips and best practices in this downloadable document. You’re a good fit for a nanny share if: You have a limited budget for childcare but want to pay a fair wage. You want your child to benefit from socializing daily with another

Lindsay Imai-Hong, California Director

image of woman wearing a hat lifting microphone for a child to speak

Lindsay currently directs California’s campaigns to raise standards for domestic workers and expand the homecare safetynet so all Californians can get the support they need to live with dignity at home and in their communities. Lindsay joined Hand in Hand in 2013 mobilizing domestic employers to win the CA Domestic Worker Bill of Rights and

Pilipino Workers Center

Pilipino Workers Center of Southern California is working to elevate the issues facing low income residents of L.A.’s Historic Filipinotown and Filipino workers, particularly domestic workers and caregivers.   http://www.pwcsc.org/

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