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Employers show up strong to help secure victory for domestic workers in Philadelphia

On the day of Halloween, the Philadelphia City Council voted unanimously to pass the strongest Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in the country! Philadelphia is once again a leader in workers’ rights struggles, and this will have a major impact on 16,000+ workers here in our city. Domestic workers—nannies, house cleaners, and home attendants—in Philly

Fire season tips for California housecleaner employers

California seems to be going up in flames. There are eleven major fires raging right now, thousands have been evacuated and thousands have been without power due to both planned and unplanned power shut-offs. This doesn’t mean that life stops. As an October 29th LA Times article about a wealthy neighborhood near the Getty Fire in

Parasite: what *not* to do when hiring a house cleaner

Warning: spoilers ahead!  It’s been almost exactly a year since Alfonso Cuaron’s Oscar-winning Roma hit movie theaters, telling an enormous and gripping story that centered a character—Cleo, a domestic worker—whose role in most movies is often so small we see them listed in the credits as a job, not a name name (Butler #2, Housekeeper,

Your feminist mission for the week: Celebrate Nanny Recognition Week

We know nannies deserve it Parents who connect with Hand in Hand know exactly how important a nanny’s work is: It’s the work that makes other work possible, that helps keep careers moving and families thriving. This, the last week of September, is National Nanny Recognition Week, and it’s a fantastic time to surprise the

It’s “Back to School” for Nannies & Cleaners Too

Who’s packing up their beach umbrella and starting to think about soup recipes? What about signing kids up for fall sports teams and after-school activities? Anyone scrambling for last-minute ways to squeeze the most out of Labor Day weekend? We hear you! Just don’t forget that if you’ve got a house cleaner, nanny, or homecare

On Labor Day, celebrate domestic workers

Note: This op-ed was written by founding Hand in Hand member Gayle Kirshenbaum and published on Labor Day 2019. This week, I took my kid to college. I’m feeling proud, sad, and immensely grateful for everyone who has supported me as a mother over the past 18 years — especially a woman from Jamaica named

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