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Dear Neighbor, Employer to Employer

Pad of paper, with text Dear neighbor, Employer to Employer

Nannies, house cleaners and home attendants support our communities in profound ways. They are on the frontlines of caring for some of our most vulnerable. Many of our members who are sheltering in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus, are experiencing the absence of these workers from their homes and lives as they

How to be a fair employer during the coronavirus crisis – NEW YORK TOOLKIT

Cityscape of Manhattan, with text How to be a fair care employer during the coronavirus crisis in New York

Most domestic employers want to do the right thing when they employ someone at home. Being a fair care employer means educating yourself about best employment practices, your legal obligations,  and preparing your household in moments of crisis. Whether you employ a nanny, house cleaner, or home attendant, it’s critical that you take steps to

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