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Ask an expert: Non-toxic, green cleaning at home

Do you have a favorite cleaning product? Maybe something whose smell just tells you everything is going to be sparkly and disinfected? A bleach or a spray, a powder or mopping liquid or a wipe? Now: Do you know what they use to make that product? Just like OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

Innovating your own path to ethical employment

Seattle’s tech boom is having consequences that trickle all the way down to childcare. Ethan Goodman, a Seattle local whose background is in software engineering and computer science, has seen it firsthand. And it was a familiar experience: Ethan grew up in the Bay Area, where he witnessed affordable housing disappear as the city grew

Can you choose your nanny’s religion?

Gold statue with arms out and a star crown

by Emily Louange, Founder & CEO, Via the Village Religion and politics. Eek. Two topics most steer clear of in the workplace, right? These topics aren’t always relevant to the work we do unless, of course, you work for a religious or political organization. But few stop to think how relevant religion and politics can

Cleaning product companies are going non-toxic, are you?

When you’re walking through the grocery store, you’ve probably seen there are more “natural” or “green” cleaning and personal care products than ever before. In the news we’re seeing big brands (like Target and Tide) are trying to get in on the shift that others (like Seventh Generation and Method) have been pushing for years.

Yes, we want immigrants. We also need them.

Trump wants to send immigrants from the border to Sanctuary Cities? Finally! After all, we’ve been lobbying, protesting, and organizing to put an end to the cruel and inhumane detention centers at the southern border. Please, we’ve said, let these exhausted, terrorized refugees and migrants come join the many generations who’ve come here to flee

Have you had “the talk?”

young girl outside blowing bubbles

Summer is coming! There’s still snow on the ground in many parts of New York, but families here are already getting a head start on one very important part of their summer plans: childcare. When I ask Lee, a mother of two school-age kids who works full time and employs a nanny for ten hours

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