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Family caregiving at home is great, until it isn’t

Tears well up into Bill Pelter’s eyes talking about his parents and how much he worried about them: “You can have a sense of it from the outside, but until it is your family, you really don’t how it feels.  It cuts you to the bone. You can’t shake it from your mind, wondering if

Q & A: Meet the fast & fierce new Philadelphia chapter!

When Amy Cohen joined Hand in Hand, we were thrilled to have her experience and guidance for our #SanctuaryHomes campaign, an urgent and intense response to the anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies that were threatening immigrant communities everywhere, meaning it affected much of the domestic workforce as well. But none of us—least of all Amy—could pass

February Roundup: Red carpets & bank breakups

Special guests at the Oscars: Domestic workers from NDWA & beyond dressed for the red carpet. Take action **BREAKING** Your families are helping immigrant families Victory! JP Morgan Chase decided to stop financing private prisons that keep immigrant families separated. Congratulations to everyone who joined us in this fight for over the past year. All

Write Letters to Detained Children

I’m having trouble sleeping at night. How can I sleep when children are being traumatized, waiting for parents who may never come? Join me by writing a letter to detained children, letting them know that millions of us are thinking of them and fighting for their freedom and their families. Send a photo or scan of your

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