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Write Letters to Detained Children

I’m having trouble sleeping at night. How can I sleep when children are being traumatized, waiting for parents who may never come? Join me by writing a letter to detained children, letting them know that millions of us are thinking of them and fighting for their freedom and their families. Send a photo or scan of your

I Must Protest.

by Marielle Henault  The beginning of my story may sound familiar: like millions of others I spent the evening of November 8, 2016 curled up on my couch in front of the news, obsessively refreshing incoming election results on my phone. Hour after hour I watched as the middle of the map filled in red,

We Will Defend Immigrant Families

By Stacy Kono History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again. — Maya Angelou When I was six, my mom tried to get me to pick up my toys by sharing with me the story of when her family was sent to camp during WWII. She

Stacy Kono Joins Hand in Hand

We’re thrilled to announce that on June 4, Stacy Kono will be joining Hand in Hand as our Network Director. Stacy will bring her years of leadership development and organizing experience to Hand in Hand as we aim to build a national network that has deep roots in our communities and broad reach across our

Sanctuary around the Seder table

Every year since I was about twelve years old I planned my own seder. I would wrangle anyone I could to join me – family, friends, strangers I met in the park near my house in Philadelphia – and spend hours preparing a Passover in which I followed my own lead; I asked and answered

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