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Historic Worker Protections Proposed in Washington DC

NDWA members in Washington DC

Last week, I stood shoulder to shoulder with Hand in Hand members from around the U.S. and over 120 nannies, house cleaners, and home care workers in Washington DC to celebrate the introduction of the National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. Together, we walked the halls of Congress to meet with representatives and tell them

Innovating your own path to ethical employment

Seattle’s tech boom is having consequences that trickle all the way down to childcare. Ethan Goodman, a Seattle local whose background is in software engineering and computer science, has seen it firsthand. And it was a familiar experience: Ethan grew up in the Bay Area, where he witnessed affordable housing disappear as the city grew

Cleaning product companies are going non-toxic, are you?

When you’re walking through the grocery store, you’ve probably seen there are more “natural” or “green” cleaning and personal care products than ever before. In the news we’re seeing big brands (like Target and Tide) are trying to get in on the shift that others (like Seventh Generation and Method) have been pushing for years.

Q & A: Meet the fast & fierce new Philadelphia chapter!

When Amy Cohen joined Hand in Hand, we were thrilled to have her experience and guidance for our #SanctuaryHomes campaign, an urgent and intense response to the anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies that were threatening immigrant communities everywhere, meaning it affected much of the domestic workforce as well. But none of us—least of all Amy—could pass

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